Die internationale Genossenschaft für Klima, Energie und Entwicklung

...that's how it works

People, companies or organizations become members of fairPla.net by subscribing for one or more shares of EUR 250 each.

There are special conditions for people with low-income or from developing countries.
The members invest their joint equity in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects – concurrently in the wealthy north and in poor southern countries.

In addition to the 3-fold benefit for climate, fair development and sustainable energy industry, this partnership-based corporate model should generate a dividend of 1-3%.

fairPla.net members buy one or more shares, some of them increase their amount of shares every year – depending on their income level and the intended contribution to climate protection.
Thus, the 1·2·3 climate formula pays off as a solidary strategy, where all participants, depending on their capability, contribute to the mutual efforts for climate justice.

1 investment | in 2 regions | for 3-fold benefit | 1-2-3 – that’s how it works…

Climate Justice - never more important than today!

Climate Protection is the most important challenge we are facing right now. Clearly, our politicians are not up to the job. In addition, it is a question of justice and requires worldwide action.

We citizens can play an important role. Take the success story of renewable energy in Germany for example: 65% of investments have been made by citizens.

So we have the power to contribute to the energy transition – in our country and in other parts of the world: we can contribute to climate justice.

That is why we are investing in sustainable energy projects in Germany and in development regions at the same time – connecting climate protection and global justice.