Die internationale Genossenschaft für Klima, Energie und Entwicklung

1 investment...

Everybody is talking about climate protection, social responsibility, and global justice. But who acts?
Economic experts have worked out: if states, companies and citizens invest in climate protection measures worldwide, climate change can still be limited; with little effort in comparison, much higher consequential costs of a climate catastrophe can be averted.

Those who can count to 3 do not wait for politicians or companies – like more than 760 fairPla.net members from twelve nations on four continents: since 2007 they have been contributing their investments for climate protection to fairPla.net eG, the international co-operative for climate, energy and development.

Take the 1st step – it could not be easier! Invest in climate protection. You can make a start with a fairPla.net share of only 250 €.

Dieter Seifried
Graduate economist, graduate engineer for energy and power plant technology
Author, university lecturer, co-founder of the Freiburg Öko-Institut
fairPla.net founding member

1 investment | in 2 regions | for 3-fold benefit | 1-2-3 – that’s how it works…

Climate Justice - never more important than today!

Climate Protection is the most important challenge we are facing right now. Clearly, our politicians are not up to the job. In addition, it is a question of justice and requires worldwide action.

We citizens can play an important role. Take the success story of renewable energy in Germany for example: 65% of investments have been made by citizens.

So we have the power to contribute to the energy transition – in our country and in other parts of the world: we can contribute to climate justice.

That is why we are investing in sustainable energy projects in Germany and in development regions at the same time – connecting climate protection and global justice.