Die internationale Genossenschaft für Klima, Energie und Entwicklung

...for 3-fold benefit

Thus, fairPla.net provides for 3-fold benefit:

• mutal global climate protection
• poverty reduction and sustainable development in poorer countries
• promotion of green jobs

In 2018, fairPla.net’s photovoltaic power plants in Germany, the mini biogas systems in Kenia, the energy-efficient stoves in Nigeria and the solar systems in the Philippines saved more than 8,000 tons of CO2.

In the Philippines, the solar systems not only provide secure, environmentally friendly energy supply for many thousands of people – they also create additional income and jobs in remote, poor regions of the country.

Take the 3rd step – link climate protection to fair develoment and the promotion of eco-friendly jobs! Create sensible future prospects by investing with fairPla.net. We are sure you can count to 3 – as well as all our family members.

Christof Arens and Silke Förster with Luis and Franka
Project Manager at the Wuppertal Institute / Retail Sales Manager
All members of fairPla.net

1 investment | in 2 regions | for 3-fold benefit | 1-2-3 – that’s how it works…

Climate Justice - never more important than today!

Climate Protection is the most important challenge we are facing right now. Clearly, our politicians are not up to the job. In addition, it is a question of justice and requires worldwide action.

We citizens can play an important role. Take the success story of renewable energy in Germany for example: 65% of investments have been made by citizens.

So we have the power to contribute to the energy transition – in our country and in other parts of the world: we can contribute to climate justice.

That is why we are investing in sustainable energy projects in Germany and in development regions at the same time – connecting climate protection and global justice.